Monday, October 1, 2007

The "Art" Of Life

This is how my day started today. My kids have 2 weeks off school and went out to play first thing this morning.

They weren't gone long before they came inside and told me I had to come out and see this.

They were pretty upset and I was curious about what I was going to find. Something dead?

This first picture is my garage door. I wasn't real happy but thought okay...

This next picture is part of my neighbors fence and below is thier horse trailor.

The last picture is my fence out back along the alley.

The police arrived shortly after. We were just a couple of many homes to be tagged last night. They were out following the trail of vandalism that ended at the end of our street.

I was pretty mad at first about all this. After spending time talking with our local police I found out our paintings were not as offensive or graphic as some of the others. I'm thankful for that, I have young children.

As the day wore on I realized this is just one of life's irratations that will take some effort and paint to cover. Nothing personal, life goes on.

I'm thankful that I can afford paper for my "art" and when pictures are taken it's not to use as evidence against me. It makes people happy and they leave nice comments for me and lift me up. I feel sorry for the people who did this they have no idea how satisfying the "art" of life really is.


Amy said...

Oh Jan, I'm so sorry about this! How sad people would do that to other people's property. You have such a good attitude about it. I hope your neighborhood all gets together and helps each other out.


Kim said...

Hi Jan,
You have the right attitude.. a blank surface is their canvas. Not that it's "their's" but, they find them and use them. Not sure what goes on in their minds.

On another note.. THANK YOU THANK YOU.. got the Bella's WOW.. Was only expecting a couple.. You over did yourself.
Make it a great day! :)

Amy said...

I'm so sorry about your hassle and the expense to fix it. But, I was amazed to read about your attitude and finding things to be grateful for. It makes all the difference huh?

Have a better week!

Diane said...

Oh my, that's terrible that someone would do such a thing,especially to you,you're such a wonderful individual,you don't deserve that. I feel so sad for you and here you are with a great attitude,you're one awesome lady!!!!!

Rose Ann said...

Jan, I'm sorry about what happened! You have a great attitude about the whole thing. Good for you for keeping your cool!

Benga said...

hi there! I was blog hopping and I bumped into your blog, I'm sorry for what happened and I admire your positive attitude. I hope everything is ok now. =)