Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Smiles

I had a productive day stamping today! Fun too...

Can I tell you my story first? I feel like an idiot. I was sitting here a few minutes ago looking at e mail when my black cat "Inky" started playing with something beside me. It was a rather large scropion, yikes!

I picked her up and got her away from it so it didn't sting her I hope and ran and found a a a a something to put over it so it couldn't escape! Then I sat there and watched it, lol. It looked mad... So I called my boyfriend and asked him if he'd come back over here and kill it for me. He did.

I killed my own scorpions before I met Rick...

As I was cleaning out boxes of stamps Saturday night I found another scorpion in a box that was in my bedroom. It was dead and it was bigger than the one this evening. I didn't sleep very well that night.

I get it, it's that time of year. But they still freak me out. I think maybe tomorrow I'll go to the Dollar Store and buy myself a can of spray starch so Rick can come over and carry away the corpse at his leisure.

On to the cards! As you know I've been going through my stamps and finding all kinds of treasures. This is a Stampin' Up! set from 2003 that had ink on one stamp, the verse.

I had a great time coloring the image with Copic markers and making it into a ... what the heck is that? Sorry I can't tell you today!

Supplies: Stampin' Up! Halloween Smiles 2003, Stampin' Up! Weathered Background, Copic markers, Nestablities regular and scalloped rectangle, Spellbinders Tags die, Black brads, Ribbon my kids gave me off a treat box they received.
The second card today uses the same stamp set with Stampin' Up! Print Pattern background. I used Black paper and ink instead of Brown this time. I made a 3rd card this evening but the picture is still in my camera after the scorpion incident. And no, I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of the scorpion.
I do have a couple of cute pictures of Inky the cat though. I was working at my desk this morning and she found a good spot to lurk.
I think she likes my new desk. I can't wait to be able to fill those file drawers with card stock! I haven't done that yet because the cabinet maker said he'd have to dump the drawers out when he put the facings on them. He told me to put stuff in them and use them, he has no idea how much paper I have!


Tori Wild said...

Eeek-- Scorpians! And I freak out when I find an occassional field mouse in my house!! My 5 lb yorkie brought in a toad the size of his head the other day and you would have thought it was a rattlesnake the way I screamed!! I'm not good with creepy crawleys! :) Love the pictures of Inky and what a great kitty name for a stamper! :)

Stampers U said...

FUN! My cat loves to sit on top of whatever project I'm working on at the time.

Seleise said...

inky is such a cute stamping buddy. scorpions, yuck! have fun cleaning out your stamps!

Kelly H said...

I LOVE that your cat's name is Inky! Ick about the scorpions....

I'm looking forward to working with you on the CDS team!


Joan Ervin said...

OMG, I hate scorpians!!! I'm glad your kitty is ok...what a cutie!!! I love your cards, Jan...such adorable images and beautiful colors!!! Isn't it fun to give a little love to those old stamp sets!!