Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rudolph & Santa In Arizona

I started this project almost a week ago and I finished up last night. I had to put them away to wait for my Copic Spica markers from Ellen Hutton LLC to arrive. I've placed a couple of orders there now and love their quick shipping!

Above is a picture of part of the process of making 2 dozen Christmas cards. This was one of my top selling cards last season, they are rather time consuming and I have to charge more for them but my customers don't seem to mind.

This year I've changed them just a little. I've never colored them with Prismacolor pencils before because last year I didn't have any. I should have put a picture of last years card in too, there's quite a difference. The Prismacolor pencils add so much more depth to the image, I love it!

Here's my finished card. Rudolph and Santa are a stamp from Eureka Stamps, the Cactus is a separate stamp from The Stamp Mill and the sentiment is by Copper Leaf Creations.

I colored Rudolph, Santa and the Cactus with Prismacolor pencils. The bells on Rudolph's collar and Santa's buckle and the lights on the Cactus are colored with Copic Spica glitter markers. Rudolph's red collar is colored with a Copic marker, ah, the only one I have...

I'm really pleased with the way my cards turned out and really happy to be done with them too!

I have lots of stuff to share with you but I'll save it for another post. I have a couple of friends I'm talking with online tonight so I'm going to get back to that for now. Have a good one!


Rose Ann said...

Those look like a lot of work...but they sure are adorable!! I can see why they were so popular (and will be again!)

Maria said...

Wow that's a lot of cards! The card looks great. . .it's not surprising why they sell so well! You did a great job coloring the image. I agree, the colors of the Prismacolor pencils are so vibrant and pretty. Great job!