Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homemade Orange Honey Lip Balm

I'm gathering supplies to make Orange Honey Lip Balm to go in some of my Christmas gift baskets!

I hope you'll join me for the process of making lip balm on my blog today.
This is my second batch of homemade lip balm, I don't think I'll ever go back to buying it at the store, it's simple & fun to make and works great - my kids even like it.

Pictured above are the supplies I used to make the homemade lip balm:

Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Grapeseed Oil
Vitamin E Oil 
Raw Honey
Orange Essential Oil

My plan is to make lip balm in twist up tubes and half ounce tins.  The white thing you see is a tray that connects to the lip balm tubes for easier filling.  You can buy the tray, lip balm tubes and tins at Elements Bath & Body.com

Here's a side view so have more of an idea of what the tray does.

I've measured out all my ingredients except the raw honey and Orange Essential Oil and have them melting in the double boiler on the stove top.  

In case you're curious about my double boiler, it's a Pyrex Flameware set that was my Moms from the 1940's, perhaps a wedding gift?  I found a vintage ad just for fun - wow... it sold for $3.45 in it's day!
I've checked them out on E Bay and Etsy and they're selling for between $25.00 and $50.00 today.

Back to the lip balm...

After the oils and beeswax melted I needed to let the mixture cool so it wouldn't damage the lip balm twist up tubes and also it needs to cool a little before you add the essential or fragrance oils.

I've been working on a gift basket featuring Orange Honey products so I'm using raw honey and Orange Essential Oil to scent my lip balm.

I measured out the raw honey and Orange Essential Oil and mixed it into my lip balm.

The next step is to get it into the twist up tubes and tins.  The tins are pretty easy to fill.  The twist up tubes are easier to fill when the lip balm isn't quite as set up as I have it here but I managed!  I have a 4 inch scraper that I push the lip balm around on the tray to help get it into the tubes.  Next time I won't let it cool quite as much as I did today - learning as I go!

I wanted to show you the finished labeled project.  I also made Orange Honey Sugar Scrub the same day as the lip balm, it's super easy and I'll do a tutorial for it in the weeks to come.  To make the labels I went to Avery.com and used their online software printed the labels I designed on heavy card stock then cut them out with my Spellbinders circles dies.  Avery makes circular labels but I didn't have all the sizes I needed at this time so I just made my own. 

A side view of the Orange Honey Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm.

My last picture is of the gift basket I made up with all the Orange Honey Skin Care products I made recently.  Christmas is coming...  

I also have the Lip Balm recipe to share with you today from Elements Bath & Body.com 

Orange Honey Lip Balm

1 oz Beeswax
1.1 oz Shea Butter, refined
1.1 oz Cocoa Butter, deodorized
3.3 oz Castor or Grapeseed Oil
MELT: Add all ingredients in a double boiler.
When above ingredients are melted, add the following optional ingredients:
.1 oz Vitamin E
POUR into Lip Balm Tubes . As the batch cools, it will coagulate & become difficult to pour. 
Fills approx 30 .15 oz lip balms.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!
I'll be back next Tuesday evening with another homemade project to share.

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Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

Wow - that is so cool. I'm always intimidated by making my own lip balm, lotions etc, but your tutorial makes it look so easy! I'd love to be the recipient of that basket! Found you through Just Something I Whipped Up!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I just made a very similar honey orange lip balm recipe the other day! http://www.ablossominglife.com/2012/11/homemade-honey-lip-balm-recipe.html
Just started following you! Found you through Frugally Sustainable!

Craftsbycheri said...

I was wondering if there was a substitute for the grapeseed oil or castor. Can you use olive oil or sunflower oil instead? Thanks

Rose Hill said...

Love your tutorial, you made it look so easy:) I wonder if I can substitute olive oil for the grapeseed oil?
PS - found you via Andrea's blog hop and love your blog!

Jennifer said...

I really enjoy your tutorials on the wonderful products you create! Whenever I can find all the ingredients you use, I'd love to try it out for myself! Great double boiler! They just don't make that kind of thing anymore! Such a treasure!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I very rarely get sick, but this time around the family came down with a creepy crud much like flu, but not....on Thanksgiving. We are just now getting back on your feet but still with a cough. After seeing some of your goodies it makes me think that I should try some of these wonderful things for the future. I dislike drus and especially cough medicines by prescription. Your recipe sounds more up my ally.