Friday, June 15, 2012

School's Out & We're Having Fun Keeping Busy

The kids and I have found a new crafty hobby that I hadn't tried yet, Loom Knitting.
My daughter Jenny took a knitting class in school this past year and wanted to buy some yarn for a project to keep herself busy.  We went out looking and came home with a round knitting loom and some yarn.  She's working on a hat between playing video games and visiting with her friends, her project is on the pillow beside her.  I've made two so far, I ah don't play video games.  The kids are modeling them here for us.

This is a photo of the first hat in the process.  I had to go to You Tube to figure out how to use the loom, the directions that came with it were upside down and left handed for me.  I'm a visual learner...  

I have a feeling I'll be working on one of these today riding in a car!
My friend Dagmar and I are heading to Las Vegas soon for a Copic Intermediate Certification class and taking a long weekend get away.   My husband and kids will be taking care of each other at home till I return.

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Donna Hanley said...

Cute hats! That's a nice craft for the kids. Hope we get to see more hats in the future. Have a safe trip and have fun. Hope everything is in one piece when you get back home. LOL

Dixie Cochran said...

What a great project! I bet they're a little toasty for the Arizona summer. I may want to try that though. Have fun at your Copic class!!

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Vicki Dutcher said...

How fun and you are right - what a great car project!

I can't WAIT to see your even more fabulous coloring after your class! So far everyone I have seen take this class has improved where I didn't think they could! [Yes, that does include YOU] -- have a fun Chick's Trip! (and get out of the heat) :)

Shannon White said...

How fun! And the hats are tres chic! 8-) Love the yarn colors too Miss Jan! Have fun at your Copic class my friend! 8-)


colleen said...

SO awesome to meet you in class today... can't wait to watch your progress as an ARTIST!