Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Do you ever wonder if ???

Hi, my name's Jan and have this "thing" about boxes... I attend Celebrate Recovery every Friday night at our church, maybe I should start staying for the small group meetings and talk about this. My Mom saved boxes too so maybe it's a heriditary disorder? The boxes she saved seemed different though, hers were bigger and more practicle, you know, not the band aid boxes. Oh my, yes she did! They were made out of metal, or was that me? Or do you think it's more like this~ You know you're a stamper when... empty containers catch your eye and right away your mind goes to work altering them and making them into something fun!

That's what happened to me this morning after I used the last band aid in this box. I was about to throw it away and thought gee, wow, I could... hmmm, oh ya that would be cool. I gotta go do that!

I knew I had one more sheet of Basic Grey Blush and some scraps from the companion papers and that's what my mind had wrapped around the box. I used my ScorIt to score the paper to go around every corner for a nice fit. I like the "belly band" look so I had to add one and some dotted organdy ribbon in chocolate. I absoulutely love my All Holiday's stamp set by Stampin' Up! and this stamp was the main selling point to me so I used it. And, it had to have a flower so I pulled out my flowers and layered several together and found a cute brad to hold it all together.

I just realized I missed an opportunity to use my Build A Brad by Stampin' Up!, oops. Next time?

I have a friend in mind to give this to, I think she's having a moment and needs a lift. My plan today was to print out neat quotes and bible verses to encourage her, decorate them and fill it up. When I started that part my printer wasn't working the way it usually does, guess who's out of black ink? One of life's minor difficulties when you live out in the middle of NO WHERE! I promptly ordered some from Sam's Club and got a shipment confirmation a little while ago. I'll be back in business soon.

Check out that naked band aid box! Just think, it could be in the garbage right now waiting for the trash man to come by tomorrow.

I spent some time outside today too. The weather is beautiful right now and my trees need to be trimmed so I worked on that for awhile too. Back to stamping for me now!

Have a great day!


Sue Ann said...

I too have a thing for boxes. You just never know when you might need one for a special gift. One of the problems I have is once I decorate one I have a hard time parting with it. I'm trying to overcome that dilemma by making two of everything! And I wonder why it takes me so long to complete a project! :)

dd2njoy said...

Wow Jan!!!It's absolutely stunning!
You amazed me girl! Your work is so

Rose Ann said...

I really love how you decorated this box!! It's beautiful!!