Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Mini Calendar - July

We finished our 2012 mini calendars Thursday afternoon, yea!

Debby, Shirlie and I have been working on a 2012 mini calendar project for several weeks now and I'm very happy to say the project is complete!  July was our last layout to do and I had a really hard time coming up with something.  Debby and I are from the USA and our friend Shirlie is from Canada was a small part of the problem, the rest was me - I think my calendar mojo was on vacation. 

We had a sketch to work with and "googled" 4th of July and Canada Day coloring pages to find digital images.  I'd been through all my folders and didn't find anything suitable.  

Here's a photo of Debby and Shirlie working on binding their calendars with the Bind It All.  I'd collected Cheez-It's boxes for our covers.  Debby and Shirlie covered theirs with patterned papers and  I left mine uncovered - just a naked Cheez-It box, lol. 

We've been getting crafty every Monday morning we can since November when they returned to Arizona and now it's time to say goodbye again till next season.  Thanks for the great time Debby and Shirlie I'll be counting the weeks till we can play again!

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Kathy V. said...

Gosh Jan, I think those are really adorable. If that's the result of vacationing mojo, I'm sending mine on a trip pronto!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

This has been very enjoyable to watch and wish I had someone to make one with. Perhaps I need to start one for my son to take to college in the Fall to have a little reminder of his dear ole Hummmm

Fantasy said...

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