Saturday, March 3, 2012

Adventures In Extreme Couponing

Rediscovering CVS Pharmacy -

I've lived in Parker 30 years now and remember when we had one small grocery store in town and one up river.   The Safeway was being built when I moved to town and Revco was the drug store going in next to it.  In 1983 the new shopping center opened with Safeway and Revco Drug.  The shopping center has changed over the years, Safeway is still there but Revco has changed names a few times and is now CVS.  

Until I started coupon shopping I'd ignored CVS, I'd bought into the idea that Walmart had the overall lowest prices...  my mistake!   I've been having fun getting to know CVS, they have wonderful sales and a great coupon policy.  I love their Extra Care Bucks too, they'll give you coupons for $$$ off your next purchase for buying certain items.  If they are items I'd normally buy and have a coupon it's like shopping the next time on them!   Many of their employees have worked there for years, they are well trained, polite, and helpful.

I also like that we can look at their ads online as well as preview their next ad before it comes out here.

So far thanks to sales at CVS and coupons our family has at least a two year supply of deodorant/antiperspirant for 25 cents or less each, living in Arizona that's a good thing!

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Krystil said...

LOL @ the deodorant comment! I don't care for the CVS near us. But I have found some great deals at Walgreens (and they are good with coupons too).