Sunday, March 4, 2012

Extreme Couponing at Safeway - Parker, Az

Hi blog friends!  I have a Safeway shopping trip to share with you today from this last Friday.  As you know from reading my blog I'm a paper crafter so what you see pictured above are printed online coupons from Smart Source, and Red Plum mixed in with my card making/paper crafting stuff.  That guillotine paper trimmer sure comes in handy for all the manufacturers coupons I've been collecting lately!  

After looking over the local grocery ads Wednesday evening & sorting through my coupons I planned a shopping trip to Safeway for Friday.  Safeway has $5.00 Friday deals as well as weekend sales and there is a notice in this weeks grocery ad that if you spend $75.00 in one transaction they'll give you a $10.00 coupon to use on a future purchase.  You know I'm all in for that  (:    This shopping trip took a little time to plan because I don't usually spend $75.00 in one trip to the store, most trips they're lucky to get 20 bucks out of me all at once.  

My husband Rick and I took off for Safeway after getting the kids off to school.  I find it best to shop before 10:00 A.M. to be able to find everything on the shelves I need.  The $5.00 Friday items go pretty quickly.  

The photo above is everything we bought at Safeway for $103.31.  We broke our shopping trip into four transactions to take advantage of some of the coupons that you could only use one coupon per transaction.  Our first basket was filled with the $75.00 or more transaction and Rick's smaller transaction to take advantage of a Hormel coupon for the $5.00 Friday special Hormel Pork tenderloin.

We were at Safeway early enough that there was only one checker so their assistant manager Pete had to check us out.   I've known him for years, Pete started working at our Parker Safeway in 1983 at the same time I did.  He was doing great until he saw all my coupons and looked at me and said, "really"???  I just laughed and handed them over.  Some of the coupons beeped telling him I hadn't purchased the items he told me, I just smiled and asked him if he'd like me to get into the bags and show him the items - his answer was no.  

So that's why some of the clerks look at you like you're trying to pull a fast one on them...  I find that kind of frustrating, I put a lot of work into finding, printing, clipping and organizing coupons as well as looking over weekly grocery ads and planning shopping trips.  I also take the time to read the fine print so I can do the transaction correctly and not hold up the line.   I think it's time to fill out their online survey and let them know-

The big transaction was $94.70 and gave us Catalina coupons for $10.00 off any purchase, $2.00 off any purchase, $5.00 off frozen food and 2 free gallons of milk.  We took our groceries out and put them in the trunk of the car and came back in and headed for the meat department to pick up two more Hormel pork tenderloins, etc.

The items you see pictured above totaled $1.82.  Here's how I used that $10.00 off any purchase coupon along with coupons for each of the items shown.  I had a $5 off 5 Kelloggs cereals coupon making the Frosted Flakes 99 cents each, I had a Safeway store coupon that I could stack with a manufacturer coupon for the Hunts tomatoes, a $1 coupon for the Hormel pork tenderloin, $1 off the Land O Lakes butter making it 79 cents & four 29 cent coupons on the yogurts that doubled to make them free.  
You can get free stuff, I love free stuff!  

My husbands' transaction was $3.67 for the fourth pork tenderloin & three cans of tomatoes.
You already know our out of pocket cost, our total savings with coupons and the Safeway club card was $159.06 for an overall savings value of 60.6% 

I've really enjoyed learning how to save so much of our $$$ on the things we use and need & I know my husband appreciates it too. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a blessed day!


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I must say "very impressive".

Tiffany Temple said...

Way to go, you Proverbs 31 woman! Btw, those are some amazing cards in the background. I could eat those fruit right of the card :)

John Ryan said...

Yes they are pretty Impressive.
I too got Safeway Coupon Codes from the site. They saved me some bucks too.

Thank You,
John Ryan.

Unknown said...

I wish we had coupons in South Africa. This sounds like so much fun!!