Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marianne Walker Pink Flamingo

I have a fun card and a fun flamingo story to share with you today -

First the card... 
I have several blogs on my homepage that I like to visit regularly, one of them is I Like Markers by Marianne Walker.  I got to meet her in person at a Copic certification class in Phoenix a couple of years ago and think she is a very gifted and talented lady.  Marianne's blog is a great place to go to  learn a lot about Copic markers and coloring so I try to visit often.  Every once in awhile she has an image she's drawn for us to practice on.  She drew and used this flamingo for a recent coloring tutorial and I wanted to give it a try.  The best part is I have one more color combination that I LOVE, she used YG05 & YG63 for the greenery and I think the contrast is fabulous.  I would have never come up with this combination on my own either.  

After coloring the flamingo I had to make it into a card, I tried to keep it simple and won't tell you of the troubles I had (:  My husband said "that's unusual" about my card, lol - I guess so...  I was thinking maybe it might work for a Mother's Day card for Operation Write Home?  I could stamp "Mom" in the white space by the flamingo, we'll see.  Our Midweek Throwdown challenge starts today and the theme is Mother's Day.  

How about a fun pink flamingo story?

Several years ago our youth ministry at church bought about a half dozen pink flamingos for a fund raiser, we had a great time "flamingoing" all of our friends to raise money for our youth group.  
Here's how it worked:
Rent one pink flamingo for $5.00 and have it delivered to the person of your choices yard.
When the person found the flamingo in their yard there was a note attached with a phone # to call to have it removed, cost of removal $5.00.  
If you'd like to find out who sent you the flamingo that would cost you extra and if you wanted to send the pink flamingo on to someone else or return to sender that would cost you an additional $5.00.  
I think there were 6 flamingos available, several of us pitched in and "rented" them all to be put in a friends business yard - wish I still had the pictures, it was funny!  He was very good natured about our prank, paid up and sent one on to each of us, lol.  Parker is one square mile so driving the kids to school or going to the store you'd see a pink flamingo here and there and have to giggle.  

Thanks for visiting my blog today -



AllisonG said...

I love the blue around your image...subtle but it adds so much! I love the card as is - I wouldn't add "Mom" to it. Just send it as an any occasion card and make a different card for the Mother's Day challenge - LOL!

Love your flamingo fundraising story...what a clever idea!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I love the color combos you always use. My choices seem to always be conservative...and that's why I follow you along with your CAS style. I love a realistic approach that I like to mail my cards and some cards I see "out there" just are do-able for mailing.

Rhonda Miller said...

What a great card. I love the image. Thanks for sharing your story.

Lee Mae said...

Hi Jan, your pink flamingo is awesome! I love the blue around him. I think your card counts as a Mother's Day card even without "Mom" on it. Thanks for playing in our Midweek Throwdown Challenge at Operation Write Home Stars & Stamps!

kare said...

Hey!o i Have 2 pink Flamingo's in My Yard; on Purpose!>

Since moving here to the desert i've have to re-paint them.
Did anybody just KEEP the ones you set up??

i like this card...veery Preety!

Have you visited my Jabberwocky Post Yet? Please Do!!

Tammy said...

Jan this is Gorgeous!! Your coloring is AWESOME and I love the bright colors! Fun story! :)
Hugs, Tammy

Donna Hanley said...

Jan, Great CAS card and I would have never thought of those two colors either. Thanks for letting us know. I'm going to try it tonight. I Thanks also for sharing your Flamingo story with us. That was so cute. Have a great day.

Jen M said...

I really like this and I wouldn't change it at all! Funny story. :)

Carol L said...

Beautiful coloring and shading on this, and I love the green combo! Gotta see if I have those colors and try them :)
I love your flamingo story! I have a friend who loathes the pink birds, so every year for Christmas someone would give her pink flamingo stickers, notepads, etc anything with that theme. At work there were always tiny pink flamingo stickers on the windows and we knew where they came from. One day she came home from church to see her lawn literally covered with pink flamingoes!! AACK!! too funny :)

Linda said...

Flamingotabulas...sorry could not resist. ute story and great coloring...TFS!!!

Cynthia T said...

Flamingos are amazing and so is this card! I appreciate your coloring. I am intimidated by copics and still use colored pencils. This is one unique card :)

Sharon in Arizona said...

Great card Jan!!! Thanks for the heads up about Marianne's blog. So nice to have the helpful hints. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Sharon :o)

Cherie said...

I love those bright colors! This would make a great Mother's Day card. And I love your flamingo story...what a great fundraising idea.

Desert Rose Stamper said...

Jan -- love the Flamingo story. I also love your card -- your coloring is amazing. I like how the colors work for the greenery too. Always enjoy your blog and cards.

Sharon S.