Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo LIght Box Inspection

I thought I'd take a moment to share a picture of Inky the cat inspecting my homemade photo light box.
I'm not sure what attracts her to it but without fail when I turn my back she's in it!
Maybe the temptation to have black fur in a clean white box is just too much for her...   

It's a beautiful last day of March here in Arizona, blue sky and bright sunshine.  The high temperature today is supposed to be 91 degrees, summer is on it's way.  

Have a blessed weekend!


Donna Hanley said...

Jan, What a great picture on Inky. These are precious moments in our lives. You home made light box interests me. I may have to try to copy that one. It looks better than mine. Have a wonderful weekend.

Patti P. said...

Inky is beautiful...I have two that look so much like Inky, Salem is about the same size and Sable has some of those white hairs on his chest. Tfs your baby, love moments like this. I have a photo of Sable in my dryer full of towels that had just stopped and I was unloading when the phone rang, he stayed put for lots of photos,the little ham.
hugs, Patti

paige said...

beautiful cat - reminds me of my lovely claire. Oooh, I am in awe of your Copic storage. Where would one find this?

kare said...

i see your safeway ads.

You have couponing...

Inky has Boxing.

CocoMoco Loves Boxing!)
"MeeeNow!" >'.'<

Shannon White said...

Aww! Inky is so Adorable Miss Jan! Reminds me of my Sweet Isis. 8-) She always had to be in the middle of whatever it was I was doing at the moment! lol Terrific Pic! 8-)

Hope you have been doing Woderfully! 8-)

Big hugs