Sunday, July 8, 2007

Playing With Frogs...

I hope you can stand to see a couple more pictures of that frog from Eureka stamps!

I've spent the day coloring... well not the entire day! My friend Gina picked us up for church this morning because I still don't have a car. The wrong part came in yesterday so there will be a slight delay.

Okay, I surrender take as long as you need with the car I'd rather stay home and stamp anyway.

So, after church I started coloring frogs again. I feel like I'm getting a little better at it, I used 2 colors on the shorts this time and I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Since I'm playing with frogs today I got out my Unfrogetable set by Stampin' Up! too. I've colored several images from that set today too, I just don't have a finished card for you yet.

My supply list is basically the same as yesterday's post. Rerun!

I'm really supposed to be working on scrapbook pages for Melissa who just got married but I just couldn't help myself, I wanted to practice coloring some more.

Tomorrow is Monday, that's the beginning of the "work" week right?? I can start that tomorrow (sounds like procrastination to me).

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Diane said...

Ahhhhh!! Great card for a little boy!! Cute as usual!!