Sunday, August 14, 2011

Notes From Home Before & After

I've been doing some blog housekeeping behind the scenes and came across some pictures I thought would be fun to share with you today.  These pictures were taken in 2007 and are of my craft room, ah I mean kitchen.
No wonder when friends came over they'd sit at my kitchen table that's very hard to recognize in the picture above and and stare at all the clutter, oh my!

This picture is the same space as the first picture above minus my built in desk area.  The ugly green vertical blinds and sliding glass door were replaced by french doors with mini blinds between the dual panes of glass.  The work space is much cooler, brighter and a little less cluttered.  The computer equipment is stored away in the cabinetry as well as lots of craft supplies.

Oh yikes... look what I'd packed in under the bar we never used.  I remember when I dragged those file cabinets in from the garage thinking I'd love to be able to design my own craft space with built in cabinets.  One can dream right?

More craft supplies along another kitchen wall.

Do you recognize that wall to the left in this photo?  It's the same one as in the picture above.  The bar is gone and our very functional kitchen table makes a better use of the space. 
I won't get into the story of how all of it came about, it was quite a process with lots of ups and downs, trials and dramas -  literally.  It is nice to look back and see how far you've come though.  I hope you've enjoyed a little before and after inside my craft room today, thanks for visiting.


Dana said...

Great pics!! I bet the new french doors with the mini blinds help with the heat!! What a great space!!

Anonymous said...

Do you cook?????

Your craft area is so neat and well organized. Pat K.